Welcome to Wellmont Academy

We are a Christ-centered outreach private school that operates a 2-day per week classroom environment for K-12 students and partners with families to provide direction, encouragement and accountability for students. We provide curriculum, weekly assignments and comprehensive assistance for students preparing for college.  Take a look at our course listings and extracurricular activities in the menu above for details.

Latest Wellmont News

This year, our school was officially recognized as an NCAA high school, just another way that Wellmont is leading the way in hybrid flex schools. Athletes who attend Wellmont are now able to apply for NCAA college scholarships, and they will have the recognition of having attended an NCAA high school, a huge benefit to them. Both our NCAA acceptance as well as our accreditation process benefit us in applying for student recognition in the National Merit Program as well as the National Honor Society. These two programs operate in conjunction with the College Board and can have a big impact on college acceptance.

Biblical Perspective

All material, from classic literature and philosophy to the sciences is expressly and purposefully synthesized into a biblical worldview. We believe the Word of God to be the truth and in all that we do, we include this doctrine of biblical faith.

Integrated Subjects

History and geography hold hands as students discover world history chronologically.  Literature spans parallel time periods, as does governmental studies.  Writing is both creative and standardized.

Qualified Teachers

All the members of our staff are purposefully chosen, trained in their field of study, and have demonstrated a passion for education and a love for their students. Our teachers are available to help students all week long.

Group Learning

Class averages at Wellmont Academy range from 5-15 students, enabling teachers to better facilitate learning through messaging, online discussion groups, and group video sessions. 

Latest Technology

We use Schoology® to make interaction easy between teachers, parents and students. Our online portal presents a crystal clear picture of assignments, grades and coursework.

Parental Control

We actively partner with homeschooling parents (FLEX families) as well as with full-time private school students. For our homeschooling families, we leave the job of directing your homeschool experience to you.  We simply walk alongside you, joining hands within the context of a classroom.

We Work with Parents to Provide the Right Environment for Academic Success


Our program makes students accountable to a non-parent teacher, giving the parent a key ally in the schooling process. Students also become accountable to each other through group projects and activities.

Daily Structure

Wellmont students work from a daily agenda so there's never a question about what needs to be done. Our online platform guides parents and students through course material, assignments, due dates and exams.


Wellmont provides an educational framework to some homeschooling families. If you homeschool your children, you are your child's main teacher, and we respect your role as their advocate. We simply provide a framework and accountability for their work.

Why Parents Love Wellmont

We offer Complete guidance

Knowledgeable and experienced teachers

We are partners in Accountability

Wide variety of Courses available

Strong Social Engagement opportunities

We Reinforce Biblical beliefs

Why Students Love Wellmont

Coursework that Challenges them

Lots of Clubs and Activities with friends

Help from non-parent Teachers anytime

Cultivating Meaningful friendships

 Being at School is a real experience

Fun hands on and Group class activities

Serving Unique Needs of Families and Students

Family Friendly Pricing

Flexible class offerings allow you to pay for the set of classes that fit your family's schedule and budget. We also offer discounts for siblings making Wellmont more affordable for the whole family.

Dual Enrollment Compatible

For your high school student, our program offers CLEP classes and facilitates dual enrollment. We keep your student engaged with their peers while helping them achieve early college credit.

What Some of Our Students are Saying...


Lauren Marolf, 10th Grade

"Since 6th grade I have been attending Wellmont. The hours I spend at home with my family can be tough sometimes but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. On Mondays and Thursdays I am with my friends all day, which I love, but the bonding that I have received and the close relationships I have formed with my siblings and parents, are days that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The flexibility and structure that Wellmont offers, is extremely unique. You are given the opportunity and responsibility of working out your own schedule as far as when and how you get your homework done.

However at the same time, the accountability from your teachers, parents, and the due-dates of assignments, all drive you to excel to the best of your capabilities. From experience, I can say that when you have friends that are excelling, it drives you do exceed expectations.

The all around atmosphere of Wellmont is probably my favorite part about going there. While just the same as in any school, you have closer friends than others, what’s unique is that you are given the opportunity to make friends not only with kids in your own grade, but ones outside of it too. What that does, I feel, is it creates an environment, where you not only make friends, but you make a second family. I will forever be grateful for the friendships and knowledge that I will take with me far beyond graduation day."
Jordan Fox

Jordan Eileen Fox, 6th Grade

"Wellmont is a very lovable school and I love it for several reasons. Here are some of them: My teachers are SO nice and understanding. My classmates are super fun and sweet, and I made friends very easily. You make boring school AWESOME!!!

When my parents told me that I was switching schools, I was like, “I am not going to like this school one bit!” But after a couple of weeks, I LOVE Wellmont! Now I always look forward to Mondays! Thank you SO MUCH!!!"

The Best is Yet to Come!

These are some of the things were working on in 2017 to provide more opportunities for our students.


Wellmont Academy is a current candidate for accreditation through Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools (FCCPSA), and is looking forward to a future under the national accrediting agency, Advanced Ed. Accreditation with a nationally recognized accrediting agency increases our students' chances of acceptance at colleges or universities of their choice.

Interested in knowing more?

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Wellmont Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or ethnicity in the admissions process or in the day to day administration of its educational programs, admission or personnel policies.

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