7-12 Extracurricular Activities

Friday Worship Band

Mrs. Marolf

Fridays 2:25-3:25pm

$25 per month

Worship Band is for High School students. This opportunity to train in musical excellence and group artistry is for intermediate to advanced musicians.

We welcome all students with all instruments to audition at the beginning of the year for this band.

This class may be counted as Performing Arts High School credit.

Friday High School General Music

Mrs. Marr

Fridays 10:10-10:55am

$38.5 per month

High School General Music is an opportunity for High School students to receive a variety of music experiences including: music theory, music appreciation, world drumming and more.

This class may be counted as a Performing Arts High School credit or an elective credit.

Student Council

Mrs. Provard, Mrs. Geier

Wednesdays 2:40-3:40pm

$10 per month

Student Council is the complete student government experience combined with servant leadership in the community.

High School officers serve in public relations capacities, secretarial duties, annual student nominations, elections, and more. They plan student activities and are leaders in our community.

7-8th Grade students participate in developing and publishing the school newspaper and our yearbook.



Mr. and Mrs. Ammons

Monday 2:40-3:40pm

 38.50 per month 

This after-school upper level Drama class for 7-12th grade students, is taken as an elective for .5 credits each semester.

Students participate in improv and dramatic training for our Christmas and Spring productions and smaller dramatic skits. 

When production dates approach, drama practices may become more frequent and longer in duration.

Running Club

Coach Tia Kulczar

Monday and Thursday 2:40-3:40pm

$10 per month, does not include t-shirt, race fees approx. $25 per race

This team is for beginning through advanced runners.

Students participating in running club will improve their coordination, strength and endurance through individual and team effort work outs.

Our conditioning goals will be based around 5k races. However, longer runs will be available to those students that have 10k ambitions.

Training will be completed on and off campus each week. We utilize the surrounding neighborhood and parks for our distance runs. Each month one race will be available for students to participate in as part of achieving their goals and rewarding their efforts.

Soccer Team

Coach Matt Young and ST Soccer Staff

Monday and Thursday 4-4:50pm

$125 per 8 week session 2x per week - 4 sessions per year OR

$75 per 8 week session 1x per week - 4 sessions per year

Price includes team jersey. Payment per session will be added to the cost of Wellmont tuition. 

This team is for beginning through advanced soccer players.

Students participating in soccer will improve their technical skills, strength and endurance through individual and team practices and at games. Some indoor training may apply.

Training will be completed off campus each week at Pasadena Community Church, which is less than 1 mile from the school property.

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