2023/2024 7-12th Grades

A Days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) 8:30am-2:30pm, optional Intramural Sports until 3:30pm

B Days (Mondays and Wednesdays) 8:30am-2:30pm

Attendance waivers are available for families who qualify and wish to spend B Days studying at home. Tuition packages are not tied to attendance.

CORES (Honors and Standard)


7th and 8th Grade English

English I, II, III, IV

Pre-Alg, Alg I, Geometry, Alg II

Pre-Calc or College Algebra

Consumer Math

General, Physical Science

Biology, Chemistry, Marine Science

Middle School US History, World History

High School US History, World History

Government, Economics


Spanish I



Speech and Debate (every other year)

Oil on Canvas

Home Economics





Intramural Sports (quarterly)

Coding Club

Cinema Club

Leadership Opportunities

National Student Council Cabinet

NSC Class Representative 

Student Teaching Assistant

Senior Internships

Club Leadership Roles

Awards to Shoot For

Principal's L:ist (3.0 GPA+) - by semester

Scripps Spelling Bee Placement

Servant Leader Awards

National Honor Society

In Upper Level classrooms, the schedule is divided into A Days and B Days.



A Days

Core Lectures, Class Activities, and Discussions

Science Labs (1x per week)

Bible, Chapel, and Clubs (1x/wk each)


Intramural practices and games

B Days

Intradisciplinary Humanities

Intradisciplinary STEM

Foreign Language (Spanish)


Students enroll in the classes they need to graduate, but we also leave room for dual enrollment, extracurricular activities, clubs, student leadership opportunities, internships and student teaching opportunities. Each of these examples are ways in which to help our students become well-rounded individuals, and to build and sustain solid transcripts for college and higher learning. At Wellmont, we want our students to be able to take opportunities to lead by serving, while building a solid and strong transcript for graduation

Our Academic Department offers career guidance and dual enrollment services for all students who qualify. Academic Department Heads bring teachers, students, and parents together in a dynamic educational partnership. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves in an environment of support in order to foster growth, maturity, and independence. 

Assignments are posted on Google Classroom by 5pm on Friday for the next week in each class. Grades are kept on our internal secure platform called PraxiSchool. Parents and students have a portal for checking grades, the school calendar, resources, and more. 

Student Council student leaders invest with our PTA to promote plenty of fun student activities and events. 

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