About Wellmont Academy

We school differently, and it works.

Wellmont Academy began as a co-op of two families looking to support one another and share the load in educating their children.  It quickly grew to incorporate several families, and is now a full-time private, Christ-centered, accredited school. We are able to accommodate private school and flex students with expertise.

Our school provides the accountability, measurable feedback and direction of a private school, and accommodates students and families who desire more flexibility. We stand with you, helping to navigate the load that accompanies a school environment.

Our Approach is Simple

Solid Curriculum

We use a combination of well-known curriculum and our own course material to provide students with a challenging set of courses. We integrate subjects so that students can understand how topics affect and relate to each other. This promotes a solid understanding of the overall picture.

High Standards

We believe academic excellence is the only way for our kids to prepare for the challenges they will face in their chosen profession. We teach the tools to learn, process and understand information in a way that enables students to handle real world problems.

Social Interaction

Well adjusted adults don't get that way by chance.  We believe students need a classroom environment to promote social skill development and collaborative work skills. A dose of healthy competition also is a key ingredient in the development of a student into a productive and engaging adult.

Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Mission Statement

We are a Christ-centered, soul-safe community encouraging balanced academic excellence through God-written identity.

Vision Statement

"We conduct a Christ-centered academy by hosting Bible-centered chapels twice per week as well as incorporating conversations in all subject areas that draw our community back to the heart of God the Father and his providence.

We are a soul-safe environment because we have a zero tolerance for all bullying as well as encouraging each member of our community to ask hard questions without fear of judgement or persecution.

We encourage academic excellence by assigning homework, testing, and assignments that are challenging for most students. We also conduct individualized high school internships on and off campus and offer Dual Enrollment options to our students that are more extensive than most private schools in FL and have heavier weights on transcripts than AP, IB or Honors courses.

We use a balanced approach because students and families have flexibility to complete work according to their family's schedule. We also offer extracurricular activities and sports to make school more fun and enjoyable, not simply an academic exercise. Our planned vacations are also centered around the family, so our schedule leaves more room than the typical school calendar for breaks. Included in our calendar are a Fall Interim for independent study, a 3-week Christmas Break, and a 1-week Spring Break, along with Summer Break.

We encourage attention to individual needs by offering flexible schedules to those students who need them for a variety of reasons, accommodations as needed, offering challenge-based work as an option for students who identify gifts in certain areas, and encouraging independent study for credit whenever possible.

We encourage our community to seek out their God-written identity by encouraging application-based bible discussions, as well as encouraging discussions inside and outside the classroom that consistently reference the identity of each student according to what God says about them in scripture. This is the basis for the outpouring of excellence in our community."

Our Core Values

  1. God is the Creative Source of all we do. We believe that God is the Creator of our organization, and God’s Spirit gives birth to both our function and creativity. We survive and flourish personally, and as an organization because our leadership seeks after God. We encourage one another and hold one another accountable to stay in step with God’s Word daily and to constantly be listening for the Holy Spirit’s prompting. 
  2. People come before processes. We believe that the hearts of people are the most important thing. Processes are important because they create a scaffolding for our organization. However, processes must leave room for grace, for the unusual circumstances of life, for curve balls. Situations are varied and although order is important for stability, sometimes grace must win.
  3. People must feel valued in order to operate at their best capacity. God’s love for people motivates us to speak up, not down to one another. We treat one another as loved saints, not dirty rotten sinners. We are also a team, and we support one another as a team. Tone, body language, and clarity in communication pave the way or block us from opportunities for growth with one another. Our desire is to promote growth in people spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Loving God and valuing people is the means to this end.
  4. Questions lead to truth without fear of accusation or repercussion. A question assumes that the one asking does not know the answer. Honest questions signal a heart of humility and the desire to understand, and these are marks of being a Christian. We believe that we must become skilled at asking good, honest questions of God, one another, and ourselves in order to find truth at all levels and to honor at the heart level.
  5. Appreciating our differences is the best way to support one another in the Body of Christ. Some have gifts of mercy, some are administrators, some are teachers. We must appreciate and give grace to those who have different gifts than we have, because we work best when we are operating in our specific giftings, both personally and at an organizational level. Our administration does our best to match personal gifts with job descriptions, and we trust God to supply anything we are lacking. 
  6. God’s Word is the last word. When we have questions about theology, about identity, about anything, we look to God’s word for our answers. We look at the whole counsel of God, within historical context, understanding that it is divinely inspired and is living and active, and we believe that God communicates his will to us today, just as he did to the Church 2000 years ago. We choose to accept what His word says and obey it, even in the face of adversity.
  7. We believe in second chances. We were not hardwired to be perfect. We were designed to learn. Learning comes with repetition, with accountability and with the opportunity to try again. Although grace cannot be extended indefinitely, we do believe that second chances provide an opportunity to grow and we want to provide that whenever possible.

Our Philosophy of Learning

A student's identity (spiritually, emotionally, and socially) is at the core of who they are and is highly related to their academic growth and maturity. At Wellmont, our desire is to foster an environment of excellence, where the heart of God the Father towards his children is well-known, discussed often, and is woven into every aspect of school. When people understand God's heart towards them, their desire to be excellent in all things naturally pours out of them. We also believe that students learn best in an environment of support, so we foster very close relationships with our families.

Service Together

At Wellmont, as well as serving in the community, students have many opportunities to serve at school. All students in middle and high school have the opportunity to volunteer with our Front Desk, which is our center for hospitality, and in our Staff Nursery - reading to the youngest people on campus. Many of our students go above and beyond their volunteer goal because we have fostered an environment that makes volunteering a natural way of life and something that can actually be fun and build community.

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Reporting Misconduct

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