About Wellmont Academy

We school differently, and it works.

Wellmont Academy began as a co-op of two families looking to support one another and share the load in educating their children.  It quickly grew to incorporate several families, and is now a full-time private school, which runs two distinct programs. One program is our Private School Program for enrolled students. The other is our FLEX program for homeschooled students. We accommodate private school and flex students with expertise.

Our school provides the accountability, measurable feedback and direction of a private school, and accommodates students and families who desire the flexibility of alternate hours on and off campus. We stand with you, helping navigate the often cumbersome load that accompanies a full-time school environment.

Our Approach is Simple

Solid Curriculum

We use a combination of well-known curriculum and our own course material to provide students with a challenging set of courses. We integrate subjects so that students can understand how topics affect and relate to each other. This promotes a solid understanding of the overall picture.

High Standards

We believe academic excellence is the only way for our kids to prepare for the challenges they will face in their chosen profession. We teach the tools to learn, process and understand information in a way that enables students to handle real world problems.

Social Interaction

Well adjusted adults don't get that way by chance.  We believe students need a classroom environment to promote social skill development and collaborative work skills. A dose of healthy competition also is a key ingredient in the development of a student into a productive and engaging adult.

Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of Wellmont Academy is to bring to our community an effective, measurable environment of excellent godly teaching and accountability, on campus and through our online platform. We work with families intimately through personal and digital feedback and assessments to prepare students for higher education or job market readiness.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Wellmont Academy is to train and equip parents through personal interaction and continued digital feedback to partner with qualified teachers to provide a Christian worldview K-12 education for students, utilizing a formal school environment 2-3 days per week, and a measurable, digital model the other days.

A Bit More...

We value at our core a Christ-centered life, evidenced by the fruit of good deeds; therefore our teachers have been chosen not only for their passion for their subject area, but primarily because we see evidence that they are daily walking with Jesus and are empowered by the work of the Holy Spirit to provide excellence in their personal life as well as their subject area. Families at Wellmont are chosen because we believe that there is evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in the life of at least one parent, we believe that the family will support our system of learning on campus and at home and do their best to encourage their child to excel, and we believe that the student will thrive in both environments.

Socialization for our student body at Wellmont is a high priority.  We recognize that children need a healthy dose of competition and interaction in order to grow and mature into individuals who are readily accessible to those around them and can handle and integrate social cues.

Labs, hands-on projects, guided discussions, and presentations push students out of their comfort zones and equip them to handle the rigor of a world filled with competition, but in need of leaders with a Christian Worldview and the ability to communicate and articulate effectively. We regularly incorporate school special activities, and many extracurricular opportunities to encourage students to discover their gifts and talents, and to bond with other students. We advocate full-time school attendance for the days students are on campus.

Grading and formal measurements of learning are a key component to the success of this system, and we require parent-teacher support of these measures in order to succeed. Wellmont Academy recognizes that out of a 5 day week, we are present on campus with our students only 2 days per week and are therefore highly dependent on parent-teacher support within the home the other 3 days. We believe that the bar for accountability must be high at home and at school in order to produce  students who are excellent testers and are college-ready.

We advocate formalized testing for students who present dyslexic or dsygraphic tendencies, and will use alternative methods of learning when necessary, supporting students who need a formal structure coupled with alternative methods of learning.

Lastly, we incorporate distance learning, with the use of our online platform, some FLVS approved classes, as well as some collegiate dual enrollment. our guidance office works closely with each students and their family to determine what is right for each student.

Our Philosophy of Learning

We believe that children learn best in an environment of support.  At home, they are directed by our online platform and supported by their families.  In Wellmont classes, they are given the opportunity to work together.  We do this using a classically eclectic method of learning.

Service Together

We are devoted to serving Christ and one another, and our educational goal is to train our children together in preparation for upper-level collegiate courses, future technical training, and a general introduction to adulthood, using classic literature as our base. We believe it is never too early to implement a quality education.

Interested in knowing more?

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