Lower School (Kindergarten-6th Grade)

In the foundational formative years, our Lower School program focuses on building a strong core while cultivating the joy of learning.

Our lower level program is unique because it includes our 6th graders.  Students learn by leading, and our 6th graders purposefully lead our lower level students while also  preparing for the transition to the responsibility and difficulty of their 7th and 8th grade classes. 

Our K-5 classrooms engage students in mixed grade classes so that students can move easily to and from upper and lower level reading and math groups that fit their ability without having to be pulled out of their classroom. Teams of lead teachers and teacher assistants operate in concert in elementary classrooms 5 days per week so that our student-teacher ratio remains low.

Teachers are keenly aware of the needs of each student and have close relationships with parents to provide the foundation and structure that young students need to thrive and be ready for our upper level program.

Class Schedule

A Days

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays,

Classes and Activities

  • Bible
  • Core subjects
  • Art, PE, and Music Classes (1x/wk each)
  • School-wide Activities

B Days

Mondays and Wednesdays,
2:30-3:30pm Music and Martial Arts options

Classes and Activities

  • Bible
  • Core subjects
  • Optional Individual Music Lessons and Martial Arts
  • Field Trips typically fall on these days

Subject Areas

In Elementary classrooms, the morning schedule includes Bible, Language Arts, Math, and Literature. Afternoons are given to History and Science. 

Music, Art, and PE are offered once per week on A Days, and recess is after lunch each day. Handwriting and final drafts for younger grades are completed at home.

Assignments are given M-F each week in a written agenda and require a parent signature for completion. 

Students are encouraged to work toward goals such as Student of the Month and Principal’s List!

Awards to shoot for:

  • Principal’s List (3.0 GPA+) – by semester
  • SCRIPPS Spelling Bee Placement
  • Student of the Month – monthly
  • Servant Leader Awards

Subjects covered:

  • Bible
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Literature and History
  • Science
  • Handwriting
  • General Music
  • Art
  • PE
  • Field Trips (internal/external)
  • Optional Music Lessons
  • Optional Martial Arts

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