Assisted Learning Rooms

Interested in having your child attend school 5 days? We do that!

Our Assisted Learning Rooms, classrooms that operate on our homeschool days, are available to all our students.

What is an Assisted Learning Room?

An Assisted Learning Room is a room on campus that operates for the benefit of students who work better at school than at home on the days that they have online agendas assigned to them.  ALR rooms are proctored by Wellmont teachers, and students learn in an environment of individual and small group sessions in order to accomplish their work for all their classes.

What days do Assisted Learning Rooms operate?

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

What is the cost to add Assisted Learning to my child’s tuition?

$2000/yr. This fee can be added to your monthly tuition payments.

Where do I sign up for my child to participate in Assisted Learning?

Sign up at your child’s registration meeting is best, but you may sign up at any time. Semesters are not prorated for late registration.

Talk with our Academic Director, Kristi McIntire or email if you are interested.

Interested in knowing more?

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