Assisted Learning Rooms

Interested in having your child attend school 5 days? We do that!

Our Assisted Learning Rooms operate opposite our corporate learning days.

What is an Assisted Learning Room?

ALR (Assisted Learning Rooms) Classrooms are self-contained classroom spaces with smaller groups of students. There may be one teacher or a teacher and an aide, depending on the needs of the students in the room.

K5 rooms operate just like corporate classrooms, with formalized teaching in core subjects, practice work, and time for activities. are group teaching rooms that operate at school.

6-12 rooms are self-paced, guided spaces where students can work in groups, with a teacher when needed, or individually on their own. The space and flexibility of an ALR room also allows for private tutoring or for pull-out programs if needed - without drawing attention to a student's individual needs. It is a safe space for those who are mainstreamed on corporate days to have time on their own or with a tutor to work.

ALR works exceptionally well for both highly motivated students and for those who need extra time to work on their homework.

What days do Assisted Learning Rooms operate?


For K5 students, ALR rooms operate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For 6-12 students, ALR rooms operate on Monday and Wednesday only.

When do I sign up for my child to participate in Assisted Learning?

Sign up when you register your child for classes, or ANYTIME. Semesters are not prorated for late registration.

Email us at if you are interested in joining our ALR program!

Interested in knowing more?

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