7-12 Extracurricular Activities

Running Team

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30-8:15am

This competitive team is for beginning through advanced runners.

The Wellmont Warrior Running Team will improve the coordination, strength and endurance through individual and team effort work outs and races.

Our conditioning goals will be based around various races. Longer runs are available to those students that have larger ambitions.

Training will be completed on campus each week, three days per week, prior to the start of school. We utilize the surrounding neighborhood and parks for our distance runs. Race and uniform fees are not included in the cost of tuition. See our tuition chart for more information on fees.


Coach Tracy Radford

Thursdays 2:40-3:25pm

$10 per month, does not include t-shirt

Students use a combination of weight training and bodybuilding exercises to condition and train their bodies.

Student Council

Wednesdays 2:40-3:40pm


Student Council is the complete student government experience combined with servant leadership in the community.

High School officers serve in public relations capacities, secretarial duties, annual student nominations, elections, and more. They plan student activities and are leaders in our community.

These positions are elected positions, so there is no fee associated with Student Council.

Historical Society Club

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