Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

What does tuition cover?

Your tuition covers costs to run our school.  Tuition is used to pay rent, insurance, platform fees, taxes, employment fees, playground maintenance, office supplies, building maintenance, accreditation maintenance fees, classroom and office furniture, bathroom and cleaning supplies, legal fees, administrative salaries, teacher salaries, supply fees, non-ticketed event overhead, nursery supplies and fees, technology updates, and general supplies.

What are the additional costs for the year?

7-12 Science lab supplies, uniforms, and books (may be purchased used or new, or borrowed). Some additional fees may apply depending on the courses/activities you choose. Please refer to our Pricing page for details.

May my student audit a class?

Yes.  Students may audit classes.  The cost for auditing is identical to taking a graded course for credit. Homework assignments are optional.

Can a student come for only Study Hall?

No, students may not attend Wellmont for purely study hall purposes.

Study halls are just a portion of a full day at Wellmont. We limit attendance in study halls to two-in-a-row for each student during a class day.

Our study hall room is a quiet environment proctored by a teacher or volunteer.  Laptops are in full view of the proctor are allowed for study purposes only, during study hours. Headphones with quiet music are allowed.

Is it possible to keep a written record of my student’s records at Wellmont?


I am interested in a teaching position at Wellmont. Who do I talk to?

We are always eager to welcome new teachers to our Wellmont Staff when positions become available.  If you are interested in a teaching position at Wellmont Academy, please fill out a Staff Application. A formal interview, level 2 background check, and teaching observation is also required. Our school Principal will be in touch after you’ve filled out out the application.  She may be reached at if you have any further questions.

How do I schedule a visit?

We’d love to have you visit! Please fill out the form on our contact page to attend one of our Information Meetings, followed by a daytime Open House during a school day.  We can be reached at 727-300-1870.

Interested in knowing more?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask questions or schedule a visit!

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Location: Wellmont Academy 4400 Shore Acres Blvd NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703
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