Extended Learning

Early Learning

Early Learning offers a calm and supportive start for students in grade K-6. Drop off is open to parents for the entire period. This early engagement sets a positive tone for the day, promoting a love for learning and social interaction.

M-F Hours: 6:45am-8:15am
Cost: $185/mo
Quarterly add/drop only

Late Learning

Late Learning offers a calm and supportive transition from the school day for students in grade K-6. Pick up is open to parents for the entire period.

A Day Hours (T, Th, F): 3:30pm-5:30pm
B Day Hours (M, W): 2:30pm-5:30pm
Cost: $210/mo
Quarterly add/drop only

Extended learning daily campus programs offer exploration and personal development opportunities for Wellmont Academy and non-Wellmont Academy students during our 7th period (from 2:30pm-3:30pm). Our programs promote problem solving skills, time management, responsibility and perseverance. Students are given a chance to develop life and workforce skills through fun and cooperative programs.

Competitive and Cooperative Programs

Cooperative programs are programs that operate on and off campus and offer a variety of additional options for Wellmont students. Cooperative programs include sports teams, both competitive club teams and rec leagues, as well as our partner cooperative theater company.

Thanks to the cooperation and leadership of the FL State Congress, Representatives like Bernie Jacques, and Governor Desantis, smaller private schools in FL can now cooperate with larger private schools for the benefit of ALL private school students without losing funding. Students from cooperating schools can also participate in specific programs at other schools without losing their scholarships if the cooperating school is willing to work with them. Additionally, students may also participate in sports at their zoned public school. Wellmont Academy is committed to offering our students as many options as possible to create the best educational program for each student.


Bridgework Theater Co. cooperates with Wellmont Academy, allowing our students to audition and participate in their program free of charge. 

Through acting, writing, directing, or designing sets and costumes, students can express themselves and explore different characters and worlds.

Theater participation helps students develop confidence, boost public speaking skills, give them an emotional outlet, and help them develop self-confidence. 

It is a collaborative art form that requires students to work together as a team. They learn to trust and rely on one another, fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting teamwork skills.

For more information on auditions and upcoming shows, email Bridgeworktheatreco@gmail.com.

Wellmont Academy is in the process of creating our first competitive sports league for the 2024-2025 school year. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Wellmont Academy students participate in several competitive club organizations for their sports.  This is not an exhaustive list, but includes several teams that our students participate in.

Celtic Soccer Club

St. Petersburg Raiders

Strictly Soccer FC

Tampa Bay Field Hockey Club

St. Pete Volleyball Club (stpetevolleyball.com)

St. Pete Youth Lacross

WFLA Competitive Swim Team

  • Commitment for Extended Learning programs is annual.
  • You may choose more than one as long as times do not conflict with each other. 
  • Some activities meet one, twice, three times, or five times per week. 
  • Placements in programs will appear on your student’s schedule prior to the start of school or you will be contacted for individual engagement.
  • Fees will be added to your invoice in FACTS.
  • Fees for Extended Learning programs are not covered by scholarships.

Once we receive your request, our administrative team will place you in the programs that work for your schedule

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