Redefining Christian Education

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Welcome to Wellmont Academy

We are an accredited Christian private school for K12 students, and we are redefining Christian education.


We are the only fully accredited Christian school in Pinellas County that offers a campus experience 5 days a week, but also retains the option for students who qualify to use our hybrid model (attend class 3 days).


Our hybrid model is unique. Other hybrid schools offer 3 days of enrollment, but only offer 3 days of corporate classes and 2 days of homeschooling. Wellmont Academy is different. We utilize an intentional hybrid model for both students who homeschool 2 days per week and those who attend campus all 5 days. 


We do not skimp on important offerings like electives, sports, Chapel, leadership clubs, NHS, National Honor Society, and dual enrollment. At Wellmont, we offer all of the pieces that make school a training ground of the heart, not just a place to take a class or two. Students invest at Wellmont because they have the ability to plug into more than just their classes. 


At Wellmont Academy, we focus first on developing the whole student, with a constant inclusion of a Christ-centered world-view in all subjects and activities, helping our students to focus on daily encounters with Christ. Our students learn to use their time and energy in a way that promotes personal growth, time management skills, academic excellence, and balance.


We are a Presence-driven school, meaning, we invite God’s presence into all spaces of our lives and we encourage our students to do the same.


We are a soul-safe school. We believe strongly that the hearts of our students can only flourish when the culture around them feels safe. We have a TRUE zero-bullying tolerance, and actively encourage difficult conversations within safe, biblical boundaries.


At Wellmont Academy, we believe strongly in the use of textbooks. This is done with intention, to foster active alpha brain wave activity that promotes active not passive learning. 


Students thrive, engaging in art, music, intramural sports, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities and volunteering.


Finally, we consider of utmost importance, the role of the family, partnering with our parents to help our students become excellent in all things.

Lower Level Program

Our lower level program operates on an A/B Day schedule, allowing those students who qualify to attend only on A days and homeschool on B days, however all lower level classrooms operate with corporate teaching 5 days per week.

Our lower level classroom allow students to be with their own grade level, but also easily move to reading and math groups that fit their ability. Teams of lead teachers and teacher aides operate in concert in elementary classrooms 5 days per week so that our student-teacher ratio remains low.

Teachers are keenly aware of the needs of each student and have close relationships with parents to provide the foundation and structure that young students need to thrive and be ready for our upper level program.

Upper Level Program

Kameron Stirm

Our upper level program offers standard and honors level courses as well as online dual enrollment for students who qualify. It operates on an A/B Day schedule as well, but is different than our lower level program.


A Days include core classes and electives and are lecture-driven and discussion-based. Hands on labs also occur on these days. Students adhere to a bell schedule and change classes every 50 minutes, allowing for 7 periods in the day. There are 3 A days per week.


B Days separate the day into larger blocks of time and include corporate and individual work sessions and mid-day electives. Students take time to focus on A Day core work during their Humanities and STEM blocks in the morning and afternoon, but also have time to enjoy elective additions mid-day.

Teachers work with students all day, and most students are able to finish their work at school so that evenings can be utilized for enrichment and rest.


Wellmont Academy specializes in training students with dyslexia to understand their brain, build on their strengths, and integrate into mainstreamed classrooms. We utilize 1-on-1 Orton-Gillingham tutoring to initiate this transformation, and offer services throughout the day for Wellmont students.

Biblical Perspective

All material, from classic literature and philosophy to the sciences is expressly and purposefully synthesized into a biblical worldview. We believe the Word of God to be the truth and in all that we do, we include this doctrine of biblical faith.

Integrated Subjects

History and geography hold hands as students discover world history chronologically.  Literature spans parallel time periods, as does governmental studies.  Writing is both creative and standardized.

Group Learning

Class averages at Wellmont Academy range from 5-20 students, enabling teachers to better facilitate learning in the classroom, as well as keeping up with their students and parents through messaging, printed agendas for younger children, and online discussion groups.

Qualified Teachers

All the members of our staff are purposefully chosen, trained in their field of study, and have demonstrated a passion for education and a love for their students.

We Work with Parents to Provide the Right Environment for Academic Success


Our program inspires students to be accountable to God first. Daily encounters in God’s presence are encouraged and practiced at Wellmont to provide a proper framework for spiritual growth and vitality. We also have a zero phone policy at school to encourage maximum engagement and learning. The continued utilization of textbooks encourages alpha wave brain activity, not passive beta wave activity through overused screen time. 

Students work from a daily agenda so there’s never a question about what schoolwork needs to be done and their Google Classroom agenda is available to parents and academic mentors at school to help keep them on track. Google Classroom serves as the avenue for turning in assignments, messaging teachers, and accessing source materials.

Daily Structure

The schedule in 2023/2024 will be with an A/B Day format.  A Days will include core lectures and labs, PE, chapel, sports, and electives. B Days will support A Days, incorporating academic study and accountability periods, electives, and expanded learning.

Dual Enrollment Encouraged!

Did you know that Dual Enrollment is one of the best ways for your student to earn college credit in high school? Unlike Early College or IB that force a student into a heavy class load in high school, Dual Enrollment allows you to earn many or few college credits at a time. Our guidance counselors work with your student to create a Dual Enrollment schedule that works for them and helps them to maintain a well-balanced high school experience. AP credits are only pass/fail and do not count toward college credit, so we do not offer AP courses at Wellmont. 


We are Accredited

Wellmont Academy is accredited through the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools (FCCPSA) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation. (NCPSA)

Scholarships Available

We work with Step Up for Students and AAA to offer affordable options for families, as well as discounts for siblings.



FES (formally known as FL Tax Credit, and FES-AU (formally knows as Gardiner) Scholarships

We work with Step Up for Students as well as AAA funding.

Why Parents Love Wellmont

Coursework that challenges students

Knowledgeable and experienced teachers

Student-run social opportunities

Reinforcing Biblical beliefs

Hands-on group class activities

Why Students Love Wellmont

Engagement in clubs and activites

Competitive intramural sports

Fun and engaging extracurricular courses 

A space to cultivate meaningful friendships

Serving Unique Needs of Families and Students

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Barton Tutoring

For students with Dyslexia!

School hours for enrolled students

After school hours for non-enrolled students

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Wellmont Academy of Tampa Bay, Inc admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.