Testing and Tutoring Services

Reading, Phonics and Supplimental Tutoring


By Appointment 

$40 per hour, paid to Wellmont Academy

Wellmont tutors provide services for students struggling with reading or dyslexia in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Supplemental help is also offered in various subjects by creating one-on-one interaction with your child,  enabling them to grasp concepts and enhance their learning experience.

Please Contact Us to arrange tutoring services.

Testing Services K-6


By Appointment 

Wellmont is proud to offer two fabulous options to fulfill your annual evaluation requirement, and they are open to all students! You do not need to be a student at Wellmont to sign-up!

For students in K-6th grades, we offer the KTEA test

$40 first student, $50 for each additional student, paid to Wellmont Academy. Free for Wellmont private school students.


For additional information or to register, please contact us at testing@wellmontacademy.com

Testing Services K-6


By Appointment 


For students in 7th-12th grades, we offer the IOWA Test of Basic Skills

$75 per student. Payment is due no later than March 1st each year, no exceptions.

This year, the IOWA test will be offered: APRIL 14th & 15th

8:00am to 12:00pm - BOTH DAYS are Required

Please send checks to: Wellmont Academy   7900 22nd Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710

The IOWA Test is administered over the course of 2 days, between the hours of 8:30-12:00pm each day.

Confidential results include – Norm-referenced scores, graphed achievement percentiles, content cluster skills evaluations, skills performance ratings and a score interpretation brochure. Digital scores reports are typically available within 4-6 weeks.

For additional information or to register, please contact us at testing@wellmontacademy.com

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