2023/2024 Tuition and Fees

Wellmont Academy is re-launching!

Beginning Fall 2023, Wellmont Academy is undergoing a soft re-launch of our 5 day program and continuing with our hybrid 3d-day options

We continue to value the heart of the child and the family, sticking to small class sizes, encouraging interdependent honors-level learning in the upper levels, tutoring and mainstreaming dyslexic students, and paving the way for high school students to dual enroll as desired.

We are discontinuing our Assisted Learning Room (ALR) program in Fall 2023. All grades will operate within a robust 5 day instruction environment, students will participate in online dual enrollment on campus, and foreign language will be offered on campus for our upper level students. We are also growing our student teaching program for upper level students on campus. Finally, our new program will boost intramurals to 3 days per week instead of 2. These changes are reflected in our new price points.

Classes will operate all 5 days on an A Day and B Day schedule. Families who qualify to use the hybrid model will attend on A Days only. 

These are basic tuition prices AFTER initial registration has been paid. Itemized invoices for parents are available starting June 15 annually.

Uniforms purchased privately.

5 Day Program

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

$9,400 per Year
  • Books included.

3rd-4th Grade

$9,800 per Year
  • Books included.

5-6th Grade

$10,600 per Year
  • Books included.

7-8th Grade

$12,200 per Year
  • Books included.

9-12th Grade

$12,900 per Year
  • Books included.

Reduced option for seniors who have completed the majority of their credits and qualify.

$5,900 per Year
  • 3 cores, 6 electives or combination of each
  • Graduation fee included
  • Books included

3 Day Program (A Days only)

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

$8,900 per Year
  • Books included.

3rd - 4th Grade

$9,300 per Year
  • Books included.

5th - 6th Grade

$10,100 per Year
  • Books included.

7th -8th Grade

$11,600 per Year
  • Books included.

9th - 12th Grade

$12,400 per Year
  • Books included.

Referral Program

Refer a friend to Wellmont Academy!

$50 off tuition per successful student enrollment
  • Successful enrollment is defined as a student who is accepted to Wellmont Academy, pays their registratinon fee successfully, and receives their Welcome Letter.
  • Removed from the price of tuition for referring family.


Pay In Full discount

$200 per student
  • Tuition must be paid in full by August 1
  • For tuition or fees over $1000.00

Sibling discount

$100 per student
  • Discount up to 3 siblings

Returning Student discount

$100 per student/per yr
  • Limit $300 per student
  • This discount follows a student with successive years of attendance. Gaps in enrollment make this discount go back to $0.

Parent Coordinator discount

$2000 per family
  • Speak with administration to find out what Parent Coordinator slots are available for the year.

FLEX discount

$250 per student
  • Would you rather handle your child's records and transcripts? You can do that. The FLEX option is available for those who prefer to register with their County of residence as a homeschool family.
  • Standardized year-end testing still required by all homeschool students for $75
  • Available for Private Pay only

Additional Costs

The costs below are required for all Wellmont Academy students.

Application Fee: $25 per student upon entrance 

Annual non-refundable registration fee deposit to hold your child's seat: $275 if paid by April 1st, $325 if paid by June 1st, and $375 after June 1st.

Yearly Standardized Year-End Test for FLEX students: $75

Mandatory Required Barton Tutoring for students with processing issues, dyslexia or dysaudia: Please see our page on Barton Tutoring for prices and fees.

*Tutoring may be covered by Gardiner or FES-UA scholarship funds or may be privately paid.

*Evaluation Fee for New Students: $60

*If you submit a standardized assessment that has been administered within the last twelve months, this fee will be waived. However, we reserve the right to re-test your student if there are academic concerns. 

Optional Activity Costs

The costs listed below are optional activities. They are NOT required.   

Competitive Intramural Sports

External Field Trips


Fine Arts Supply Fees

Homecoming/Senior Shirts

Non-mandated Barton Tutoring 

Scholarship Options

Options Listed Below 

AAA and Step Up For Students are private funding organizations that the State of FL contracts with to disperse scholarship money to families throughout the state. Wellmont Academy accepts the following scholarships from these organizations.

Students who receive scholarship funding (from either source), with the exception of FES-UA, must enroll in 5 days of school in order to be eligible for these funds.

The scholarship letter amounts listed below in some categories represent the funding given out per student for the 2022/2023 school year for scholarships that Wellmont Academy families utilized. If no amount is found, it is because we have not had families utilizing that particular scholarship yet or the scholarship is new this year and that information is unknown to us at this time.

Annual award letters become available at the beginning of July from Step Up and AAA. Schools do not know exact amounts until this time.

FES and FL Tax Credit

Income based
  • K-3rd Grade - $7,972 Pinellas
  • 4-8th Grade - $7,393 Pinellas
  • 9-12th Grade - $7,389 Pinellas


Students with unique abilities
  • This scholarship is for students who have documentation of a physical or learning disability.
  • As of July 1, 2021, Dyslexia and several other unique abilities are covered under this scholarship.
  • Currently, FES-UA funding may be used for qualified tutoring services as well as school tuition.
  • Currently, FES places quarterly payments into a parents scholarship account, and that family can access their funds and pay their tuition and fees monthly.


Students bulled in Public School
  • This scholarship is for students who have documentation to support a bullying incident in a public school setting prior to acceptance to Wellmont Academy.
  • No income verification.

Foster Care

Children who are in foster care
  • See Step Up for Students website for foster care details.

Active Military Parent

Students of Activated and/or Deployed Military Personnel
  • This scholarship is for families of activated and/or deployed military service men and women.
  • No income qualification.
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