Friends of Students Scholarship Fund

Wellmont Academy of Tampabay, Inc. is a IRS registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and as such your gift to our Friends of Students Scholarship Fund is tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt, fully documenting your donation.

Each school year, Wellmont Academy depends on the generosity of benefactors and donors to support needy families. For some, personal circumstances propel a financial deficit, and the cost of tuition is simply too much for them to afford. Wellmont has a heart for needy families, and we need partners to join with us in supporting them. Other families may be able to afford tuition, but the additional cost of dyslexia tutoring becomes a burden they simply cannot carry alone. In almost all of these cases, the students who need help cannot succeed in their education journey without this tutoring.

Families requesting tuition/tutoring assistance are required to apply for Step Up funding FIRST, prior to the additional aide from the Friends of Students fund. Benefactors work with us to gives financial support and personal mentoring to these students and their families.  


Find out more about how you can become a short-term or long-term Friend of Students benefactor. Your wealth or even your tithe can benefit a needy student or even a needy family at Wellmont. Your donation goes directly to our students, covering costs of tuition and tutoring for families needing assistance.

To schedule a meeting with the Headmaster, please visit us on our contact page. We can’t wait to partner with you! 

Thank you for considering a financial gift to the Friends of Students Scholarship Fund. Please use the form below to donate.