Wellmont and Technology

Schoology and other school related technology help us be more efficient and make school communication easy

Education and technology go hand in hand and that's why Wellmont Academy embraces it's use both inside and outside of the classroom to facilitate learning. It has become essential to the educational experience for students and enhances communication and engagement with parents.

Wellmont uses the Schoology® Learning Management System as our main tool for engaging students and parents in all aspects of the learning experience.  Students use Schoology to receive assignments, take quizzes and tests, interact with teachers and other students with the look and feel of a social network.  Teachers can easily setup tests and grade them, engage students in group discussions, and manage all aspects of their courses.

The benefit for parents is that they can log into their parent account and see exactly how their child is doing on tests and quizzes, view past, current and future assignments, and communicate directly with teachers, staff and other parents. Wellmont also uses Schoology mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

We've had great success with the platform over the past year and the feedback from parents, students and teachers has been phenomenal.

Check out this video to see how powerful and interactive Schoology is and how easily you'll be able to manage your child's Wellmont experience. Click here for a larger version